February 15, 2019

Mcafee My Account

Mcafee Activate

Mcafee my account helps you to find all the information about your purchased
product.  Mcafee is a very prominent system that allows the users to
maintain the antivirus account, you need to login or sign up to enter in your

How to create mcafee account:

Create your own mcafee my account by following these steps.

1. Open your browser Go to mcafee.com/activate

2. Now click on myaccount tab

3.  After clicking on myaccount, you will be redirected to the main

4. Insert your details including mail id and password

5. Congratulations, your account is created now

6. If you already have an account then you have to sign in to be there in
mcafee my account page.

Where to get mcafee 25 digit product key:

You can get product key online and offline. Purchasing mcafee online will
allow you to get your product key in your registered mail id. If you purchase
mcafee offline then you will get your unique key code on the back side of the
product box.

Enter your product key:  Here are some steps to be
followed to redeem your product key.

1. Go to mcafee.com/activate

3. Login to your account or sign up if you don’t have account yet

2. Enter your product key there


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