Keep Hard Disk from resting in Windows 10/8/7

n this post, we will perceive how you can keep your essential, auxiliary or outside hard circle drive or USB from resting on a Windows 10/8/7 PC. You don’t need your outside hard circle resting but you find that now and again it goes into the Sleep mode.  Mcafee activate Rest is a power-sparing state that lets you rapidly continue full-control activity when you need to begin
working once more.

Keep Hard Disk from resting
To keep the Hard Disk from resting, click on the Battery/Power symbol in the taskbar and select More Power alternatives.

In the Control Panel windows which opens, select Change Plan settings for your present Power Plan. In the following window, selectChange propelled control settings. 

In the Power Options box that opens, click the + sign by the Hard Disk choice. Here you will see the required settings under Turn off hard circle in the wake of heading. Change the incentive to 0.

Snap on Apply > OK and exit. This setting will keep your hard plate from entering the Sleep mode.

Keep External Hard Drive from resting

On the off chance that you are searching for a freeware to make things simple, attempt these! NoSleepHD composes a vacant content record at regular intervals to your outer hard circle drive to shield it from going into auto-rest mode. KeepAliveHD will compose an unfilled content record to your essential just as optional drives in order to keep it from going into programmed reserve mode. Mouse Jiggler will anticipate Windows PC from resting. Rest Preventer will keep your PC from changing to Sleep, Hibernate, Standby  mode.

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