How Mcafee Activate?

Mcafee Activate - To enable mcafee product enter activation code for mcafee activate from it will secure your device from threate, malware and virus. get all below steps.

  1. Go to Mcafee activate website,
  2. Sign In or Create a new Mcafee Account.
  3. Enter Mcafee Product Key or Mcafee activation code, Select Country, and Language.
  4. Download and Run Mcafee activate
  5. Follow On-Screen mcafee activate instructions.
  6. “You’re all set!”, Launch Mcafee application!.

Install Mcafee on MAC:

  1. Open app store.
  2. Search for Total Protection or Mcafee Livesafe.
  3. Once Mcafee downloads.
  4. Open Microsoft app and Sign In.
  5. Enter the Product key/Activation code if required.
  6. You are Ready to Go.

Unistall Mcafee from MAC:

If you have recently changed your mac or you want to remove Mcafee antivirus from your Mac device for any reason, here is how you can do it

1. Open Finder. Go to the Applications folder. 2. Find Mcafee Application. You can find the name Mcafee total protection or mcafee livesafe. 3. Select mcafee application. Select mcafee apps and drag the applications to trash. 4. Empty Trash. Empty trash and clear all the data copied in the trash and voila! Ncafee is no more in your Mac.

Install Mcafee Activate on Windows/Mac –

Mcafee antivirus has become a huge part of the Windows atmosphere. In fact, I’m currently using it's antivirus product, mcafee total protection. So yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mcafee is essential for many business, home to protect data and get complete web security.

Now, all of this is possible if you have the mcafee installed on your device. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the fun that comes with it.

Can I cancel mcafee subscription anytime?

Yes, You can cancel your subscription anytime, but you can not get a refund if you have already used mcafee livesafe for sometime. There is no way that you can cancel the subscription in between of the plan.

How to fix Mcafee Total Protection 2020 Errors?

Errors in Mcafee total protection 2020 can easily be fixed by simply searching the error online. The error which is usually in a format 10054, can be searched online and the fix is available on

How to Uninstall Mcafee PC: How to Uninstall

  1. Log In to your computer.
    Turn on your Windows computer and log in.
  2. Open Start Menu.
    Once you have clicked on the start menu, a start menu will appear. Simply type “Control Panel” and Hit Enter. Or right-click on my computer and click on Control Panel.
  3. Now the Control panel will Open.
    Now that the control panel app has opened click on the Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Find Mcafee antivirus.
    A list of programs will appear and you will need to find Mcafee antivirus and click Remove.
  5. A window will appear.
    Accept the dialogue and click allow and the Mcafee Uninstallation program will start. Now follow the on-screen instructions and once the process is complete, Mcafee will be removed.

Where and What is Product Key / Activation Code?

Mcafee software has zipped your product to a unique identification number that is synced and linked to your Softwares Registry. This makes sure that no one but only you are able to redeem your Subscription. This Product key/ Activation code, if bought online is linked to the email that you have used to make the purchase. If you have purchased the product online, you only need to log in at or and get started with the installation of your product but if you have a product key or activation code in your email or with the product that you have purchased from a local store. You will find a 25 Alphanumeric activation code near or around the bar code area of your product card. This product key is highly confidential and should not be shared with anyone. It comes under a scratcher so you will need to scratch to reveal it. The format of the product key is XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX.

  1. Buy Mcafee with
  2. Sign In or Create a Mcafee Account.
  3. Enter Product Key / Activation Code.
  4. Download Mcafee activate.
  5. Run Mcafee activate.
  6. You’re All Set. Run mcafee antivirus.


You do not need to worry about the Mcafee Renewal, Once you make the purchase and log in at, you can set the product subscription at Auto-Renewal or you can simply go to and select the subscription that you want to renew.


You can always change the bill terms and cycle as per your needs, it is just a click away. Go to Mcafee activate has put all the menu items according to your needs, in the menu bar you will see a Services & subscriptions page. Go to the page and click to manage Mcafee 2020 Subscription, Click Turn Off and you are good to go.


If you have purchased a product that includes a free Mcafee subscription, you will need to activate it first to use it. To activate the product you need to visit and follow the Mcafee installation process or simply open the preloaded application and on the front page, you will find a activate option, Activate your mcafee and get started.

How to Install Mcafee:

  1. Go to Mcafee activate website,

    Open any browser, visit or Begin your mcafee activate by clicking the sign in or create new account button.

  2. Sign In or Create a new Mcafee Account.

    Once you have visited the website, you now need to sign in to your mcafee antivirus Account or you can simply get create a new account if you do not have one.

  3. Enter Mcafee Product Key / Activation Code, Select Country, and Language.

    Now that you have logged in to mcafee Account, You will need to type in your 25 Alphanumeric Product key/ Activation Code “XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX“, that comes with your Mcafee antivirus Product. Select your Country and Language from Drop Down menus too.

  4. Download and Run Mcafee Activate.

    Once you have entered your product key / activation code and other information, Your product key will be verified and you will be guided to the next page. Here you will see your product and subscriptions. You can click on the Install button right next to your subscription information. Your Product Setup will start Downloading.

  5. Follow On-Screen Mcafee Activate instructions.

    Your File is downloaded, now you just need to click on that file and run it. You can manually run it from your downloads folder. You will get a prompt from your Operating system, click Agree and next. Your installation will Start.

  6. “You’re all set!”, Launch Mcafee application.

    Wait for the installation process to complete, once it is complete you will get “You’re All Set” on the installation window. Now click finish and open mcafee Application. You will get a walk through the window and you will get a message that your Mcafee is installed and Activated.

Mcafee Antivirus Response to COVID-19 with

Mcafee antivirus has introduced extended access to people and students & businesses working from home. Mcafee is one of the biggest enterprises to make this effort in connection to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Mcafee has introduced extended access to students abd businesses for Mcafee Teams. This will make learning a lot easier for students and the schools have been closed in view of COVID-19 Pandemic.

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