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Mcafee activate is a process to install mcafee on your computer device. To activate mcafee sign in with your mcafee account and enter activation code. you can install and re-install mcafee antivirus, or manage your mcafee subscription.

What are the steps for Mcafee activate?

If you’re installing mcafee for first time, you might not have an account page yet. You’ll set that up as a part of installing mcafee. you can create new account.

Do you already have a mcafee account?

Yes! Go for the below steps for immediate activation.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your 25 digit activation code
  3. Looking for your mcafee activation code? Click on "Where is my 25-digit activation code?" you will get below picture.
  4. Here is the sample of 25 digit activation code : XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXmcafee activation code

  5. After entering mcafee activation code and successfull verification, you will be asked to log in if not already done
  6. if you do ont remember your mcafee account login id and password, get support
  7. Now you can download your mcafee software, now go for mcafee activate

Did you already follow mcafee activate process and used mcafee activation code?

If you have not purchased mcafee yet

After mcafee activate and login

  1. You can install mcafee on your windows or Mac computer
  2. Manage Mcafee Subscription
    • Manage Payment
    • Mcafee renewal
    • Mcafee subscription cancellation

Want to manage your subscription? Go to mcafee activate page.

Service offered after mcafee activate

Mcafee Antivirus is offers diversified services for device and web protection along with flexibility to manage protection for multiple devices with single license. Products offered are :

  1. Mcafee Total protection - choose device coount 10, 5, 1 or complete family.
  2. Mcafee security for mobile and tablet device - Android or iPhone
  3. Mcafee security service for personal or small business
  4. Mcafee free scan for website or device

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